Master Bath RenovationĀ 

Hey ya’ll! We (along with a couple professionals) have been working non stop for the past two and a half weeks to renovate our master bathroom. We timed our beach vacation to where we would miss the first week of the chaos, which was so smart! Living in a construction zone with two little kiddos is not a fun thing, so I’m glad we thought that through and planned appropriately. 

I started the designing and shopping for this bathroom in April to make sure we had everything here and ready to go when we left for vacation. For example, the vanity we purchased took almost two months to be built and shipped so if I hadn’t started the process early then it would have never been here by the time we needed it. 

Let me start with telling how we designed this space. (This is also how we design all of our projects.) We brainstorm, take pictures, search Pinterest or Google, and eventually sketch out what we want. We’ve learned that pictures speak volumes, so sometimes we already have an idea in our minds and then try to find a picture to help our crew visualize what we’re talking about. For example…here are the pictures we used in creating our bathroom. 

Then Nathan sketches out our own plans for how we want the layout to be.  He is a much better artist than me, so this is a team effort. I design, then explain to him what I’m thinking…all while he is sketching. We make a great team! 

These papers (along with several meetings with our guys) are turned over and lay the blue print for our finished product. This is how we do our flip projects too! Lots and lots of planning…

So now let’s start with some before pictures of this bathroom. To the best of my knowledge, this bathroom was original to when our house was built (except for new light fixtures and new paint that we added three years ago) so it definitely needed some TLC. It was in fine working order, but was way out dated and needed much more than a “facelift”. A facelift, in my mind, would be something simple like fresh paint, new countertops, etc.  We decided that if we were going to tackle this room, we were going to really do it right. We rearranged the entire layout of this room. The old “toilet and shower room” is going to be a second master closet, but it is not finished yet. I’ll share pictures of that room once it is done. 

Ok…back to before pictures. 

One thing we always loved about this house is how big our master bathroom is.  From the first day we walked through this house, we knew it had tons of potential.  I was so excited when we finally decided to take the plunge and renovate it. 

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I wanted this space to be a good blend of many different styles including: farmhouse, industrial, cottage… as well as using some key pieces that we found in Charleston, SC. So basically my personal taste is a big mixture of all different decorating styles. I’ll list all of the sources for the items at the end of the post. 

Here are some “after demo day” pictures of the bathroom.

And now for a couple details about the design for our new space. We wanted tons of storage in our shower so we had them build the tub out from the wall so we would have additional storage, as well as elbow room all the way around (this makes the shower seem so much bigger). We also had them build a small bench at the back to serve as additional storage or as a sitting place. This small change also makes the inside of the shower much bigger. The “soap box” runs the length of the shower to ensure we will never run out of space for our shower stuff. All of these seemingly small details make such a big difference in how custom this bathroom feels. 

The built-in shelving next to the shower was all custom built by Nathan. I wanted the shelving to be chunky, so we went with 2″x12″ boards and attached two of them together to make our shelves 24″ deep.  I mixed two different stains (Minwax’s Special Walnut and Minwax’s Dark Walnut) to try and match the stain of the vanity. After sanding the boards down to make them nice and smooth, I applied one coat of stain and (after letting it completely dry) added two coats of polyurethane. We were both thrilled with the end result. 

Okay, and now for the after pictures…because I know that’s all you guys really care about. Haha. I’m kidding. But really…when I read these types of blog posts the pictures are the best part. 

This first picture is the view directly after walking in to the bathroom from our bedroom. 

Well, there it is folks! We’ve certainly enjoyed being able to design a space for ourselves and have already enjoyed it. I’ve been taking baths in the tub all week long (even before the rest of the space was finished!)

As always, thanks for reading!!



Sources list:

Bathtub, shower faucet set, sink faucets: Lowes

Floor tile and soap box tile: Wayfair

Vanity: purchased through Houzz, but made by Fox Den Decor

Vessel sinks: Houzz

Subway tile for shower and tile wall: Liberty Salvage (we scored this tile for $1 per square foot!)

Toilet, bath fan, recessed lights, vanity lights (those 3 are actually exterior lights): Home Depot

***I need to add that this bath fan is the coolest thing ever! It is blue tooth capable, so I can sync it to my phone to listen to music through the speakers. It has a water proof remote control for inside the shower. It also has a blue night light and a regular white LED light, as well as the normal fan part. This was a spur of the moment purchase that we have thoroughly enjoyed!***

Antique gold Mirrors and picture frames: Target

Towels, towel hooks, shower curtain, cabinet drawer pulls, storage boxes, small gold table, trash can, bath rug: Homegoods

Live hanging plant and orchid: Lowes

Macrame plant hanger: Amazon

Laundry room sign: Etsy

Prints on wall: Local artist in Charleston, SC

Paint color: Nurture Green by Sherwin Williams

Grout color: Charcoal 

Flip House, Master Bath Reno, and 34 Weeks Pregnant…

We’ve got so much going on right now. Sometimes I think we’re a little bit wacko to tackle so much at one time…but alas, here we are! 

First off we’re elbow deep into our current flip house. It’s been 3 weeks since demo day and we’ve had stuff going on almost each day. We had the new HVAC system with a gas furnace installed last week. This week the new rooms started being framed, we had a new roof put on, and the painting started. I’ve pretty much finished all of the designing and shopping for this house already. All of the bathroom fixtures, lighting, tile, and paint has been purchased. I am SO stoked for this house to start taking shape. I decided to go with a creamy White for the walls (exact color is Sherwin William’s Drift of Mist) and a medium gray (Sherwin William’s Dorian Gray) for all of the trim and interior doors. This house had fabulous, thick old trim and I wanted it to be a highlighted feature in the design of this house. Here’s a sneak peek of these colors.

As soon as the kitchen cabinets are finished being painted (in Sherwin William’s Alabaster), we will select the granite so it can be installed. 

Once the bathrooms start coming together I’ll share details of those rooms. Here’s a hint, we’re creating an enormous master suite by turning the old den into the master bath!! Whoo, I can hardly wait! It’s going to be incredible! 

My goal is to have most of my design work completed for this house before our baby makes his appearance in the next several weeks. This will allow me to have some necessary time off from this project after he is born. 

The next project that we have going on is at our house. At this very moment our master bathroom is fully gutted and is about to receive a complete makeover. We’re also hoping to have this done before the baby comes, hopefully even in this next week. We’re rearranging the layout of the room, we’ve removed 2 closets and are adding a new walk in closet, adding all new tile, a new vanity, new shower, fresh paint, lighting, fixtures, etc. I’m SO excited! 

My vision for this bathroom was for it to be a good mixture of several styles and not feel too “trendy”. I want it to be classy enough to last for a long, long time. The goal of the design is for it to feel clean and fresh with a hint of a historical, Charleston feel, a hint of farmhouse, and a hint of industrial. But not too much of any of those. I want it to feel fresh and airy. I’ll share a few individual pictures of some of the items going into this bathroom. 

This gorgeous, classy tile is perfect! I knew it was the right one the moment I found it!! We will use it to cover the floor and the large soap box in the shower will be in this tile too!

This 72″ vanity is handmade from reclaimed wood and will have two above mount white, rectangle sinks on it.

These lights that we decided to use for above the vanity were the perfect mixture of industrial and farmhouse. We have three of these lights that will be to the left, middle, and right of the round, brass rimmed mirrors.

The tub/shower will be tiled in a large white subway tile with charcoal colored grout. The wall behind the toilet will also be tiled in this same subway tile. The rest of the walls are going to be painted in a bright, fresh…wait for it…green!! Yes, green! Imagine a creamy sage green, but a bit brighter. I’m so excited! Another feature I’m pretty excited about are these built in shelves next to the shower. They will look kinda like this.

One of the design staples that inspired this room came from a purchase we made during our recent trip to Charleston, SC. We love it there so much and wanted to incorporate some pieces from there into our new bathroom. I purchased two old prints (one of a painting of the battery and downtown area and one old map).  I framed them in antique brass frames and they will be hung above the toilet on the tile wall. Can you get a sense yet of the feeling I’m trying to achieve in here?! Ahh, I can feel it and can’t wait to see it all come together! 

Stay tuned for the before and after pictures as soon as this room is finished! I promise I’ll do a blog post. 



Nursery for Baby Boy #3

In today’s blog post I’m going to share the reveal of our new baby boy’s nursery. As of today I’m 29 weeks pregnant, so he won’t be here for about another two months or so but we had about a month “break” in our home renovation schedule/timeline so we decided to use that opportunity to get the nursery accomplished and not leave it waiting until the last minute. 

Before I start with the nursery pictures, I’ll give an update from Hartman Homes. In my last blog post I mentioned that we were about a week away from closing on the sale of our 3rd flip house. Well, praise the Lord, that went smoothly and we closed on it exactly as scheduled! And then a week later we closed on the house we bid on and purchased at auction in April. Exciting stuff!! Demo day for that house is scheduled for next Saturday, so stay tuned for an update soon after! 

Alrighty, back to the nursery reveal. This room previously functioned as a guest bedroom. Due to the fact that all of Nathan’s family live at least 1000 miles away from us, that room was utilized quite frequently. However, we had no option but to turn it into a nursery to accommodate our newest arrival.  Here is a picture of how this room previously looked.

So, my vision for this nursery was for it to be masculine and have a vintage feel to it,  yet not have a specific theme.  I’m not big on specific themed nurseries these days… like nautical, or a certain cartoon character,  or monster themed, etc. I feel like that limits the room so much, and also doesn’t allow for it to grow with the child. 

I chose to do navy blue walls and chose the Sherwin Williams color “Anchor’s Aweigh”.  The room already had a bead board accent wall and we painted it in Sherwin William’s “Greek Villa” which is a creamy white. 

One of the most exciting parts of this room is the fact that it cost me zero dollars! Let me explain. I sold almost everything out of this room either through Craigslist, FB marketplace, and at a yard sale that we had. I then used that money to furnish this nursery. We also reused a crib and changing table/dresser from the twins old nursery, which was free. The rocking chair, twin bed, and curtains we previously had as well. The rug was previously used by Hartman Interiors as a staging item, but I reclaimed it to belong in this nursery after I realized how well it matched. 

Some people may think that it’s odd that we keep a twin bed in a baby’s nursery, but we have found that it to be a good idea. Any parent knows that when you have a baby, there’s a high probability that one of the two parents will end up staying in the nursery, even if only for a few hours every now and then. For us, we prefer to be comfortable when sleeping in the room with a sick or fussy baby. The answer for that is to provide a bed for the adult.  The bedding on the twin bed used to be on my bed when I was a little girl and my mama had saved it and given it to me. The bed itself was owned by Nathan’s great grandmother years ago and is over 100 years old.  I think it’s so cool how this room brings in history from both of our families. 

The rest of the items I purchased specifically for the room and I’ll share the sources at the end of this post. 

Also, we always choose to keep our name choice a secret until the baby is born, but these pictures give a hint. The initials are above the bed, but we won’t be sharing the actual name until he is born. 

And now…here are the after pictures.

*Curtains, small wreath on the wall, and wicker basket: Home Goods

*Large mirror: Target

*Floor lamp: Target

*Crib skirt, crib sheet, and changing pad cover: Babies R Us

*Intitals amd striped picture frame on the wal: Hobby Lobby

*Rug: World Market

*End table/chest: Yard sale find for $15!

*Lamp on end table: Walmart

*Large wreath above the end table: Yard sale find for $5! 

*Antique print of a boat: Miss Minnie’s Antique Shop near the coast

As always, thanks for reading!!



Foyer Reveal

Hi friends! Today I’m going to share the before and after pictures of what we did to transform the foyer/entryway of our most recent flip house. 

Before I start with that, let me tell you some exciting stuff! This house went under contract 18 hours after we listed it for sale! Do you hear me?!?! 18 hours!!! We could hardly believe it either. We accepted the first offer we had in writing, although we had been told we had another coming in that day and had 4 or 5 more showings (I can’t remember exactly) scheduled for that day and the next. Our closing date is in a week, so we’re prayerful that everything goes smoothly. Closing dates always make us nervous, and I don’t think that will ever change no matter how many homes we renovate and sell. 

Exactly a week after we close on this home, we close on the purchase of our next. We already have demo day on the calendar for that project and can’t wait to get knee deep into renovations on it. 

I have some exciting plans for the kitchen and baths for that house and it’s at this beginning point in the design process of a new project that I get so excited I can hardly contain myself. The very beginning of designing and shopping ranks at a similar high point as the end reveal of a project. Creating a vision and seeing that vision come to a reality are the BEST parts of this journey, in my eyes. Nathan would probably argue that demo day and payday are his favorite parts. šŸ˜‚ We make a pretty great team!

We’ve also got some big things going on at home that I’m sure I’ll be blogging about soon. We’ve been working on the project of converting our guest room into a nursery for our little boy that is due in July. That room is almost done, so be looking for a post about that soon. We are also a few weeks away from totally destroying and redesigning our master bathroom. That room is BIG, but SO very outdated. My guess would be that it is original to how it was built in 1978. A renovation for that bathroom is long overdue, so we have finally decided to tackle that project and hopefully have it completed before the new baby gets here. 

I know you’re probably all thinking that we are totally crazy and cram way too much stuff into our schedules. But, truth is, we genuinely enjoy being busy. This stuff is fun to us, and the reward is great in so many ways. I think that we would be bored if we weren’t juggling several projects at a time. 

Alright…back to the foyer reveal. We nicknamed this room “the closet full of doors” because that is what it looked like when we bought it. This is the space that you walked into right when you came in the front door, and it was ugly! Upon entering, you were faced with the decision to choose one of 6 doorways (yes, SIX!) that led to other areas of the house. It was a really dark and closed off room to literally everything. So, of course we had to change that. I always try to design a home with this little thing in mind. I want to be able to take no more than two steps into the home from the main doorway and be able to see the majority of the main living spaces. To me, within two steps a buyer will either fall in love, or move on. 

Let’s start with some before pictures.

This first picture is the view you had from standing on the front porch.

And here’s a close up of the closet at the end of the foyer.

Here are a couple pictures from some of our incredible demo day crew taking care of our “too many doors” problem.

Men love to destroy stuff… and I love coming by at the end of demo day and hearing their stories. We are so blessed to have a great group of friends and family who are always up for lending a hand on these work days (of course we pay them, but still…). 

This room ended up having only one door way exiting off from it, and that one led to the master suite. The closet at the back of the foyer I turned into a built in hall tree/mud room area. When I designed it, I imagined book bags, shoes, purses and lunch boxes finding a home here in the mornings and then again in the evenings. It turned out incredible, just like I imagined in my mind. The seat on the top of the bench is butcher block that matches the kitchen countertops. And the background of the built in is bead board, which matches the background of the shelves in the living room. All of these little intentional design elements keep the house looking cohesive and the design looking purposeful and thought out. 

We replaced the light fixture with a very inviting new one and continued the hardwoods from the rest of the house in this space. The walls were painted in Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray, and the trim was painted Sherwin Williams Alabaster. The finished product is one that I was immensely pleased with! 

This next picture shows how much more large and open the home feels now that this room isn’t just a corridor of doorways. It’s such a pretty space now!

Well, friends…that’s all for today! Thanks for stopping by and reading. Stay tuned for all of the other posts coming soon that I mentioned earlier. I’m thinking the next post may be about our baby’s nursery. That room is already making me so happy, and it’s not even totally finished.



A New Big Boy Bedroom for the Twins

Hi friends!!

I’ve decided to take a little hiatus from blogging about our flip house. I’m sure I’ll post another update next week, but for today I’m not going to talk about that at all. Instead I’m going to share a small little project we’ve been working on at home. 

As most of you know, we’re expecting another little boy (he will make baby boy #3) in about 3 months. Obviously, with the addition of a new family member comes making room for him. We decided to make our twins a big boy bedroom and then use one of their old cribs in the baby’s new nursery. We’ve been clearing out our guest room and will be converting that room into the new nursery. But, before we could move one of the cribs into that room, we had to make a new bedroom for Maverick and Maxton. Here are a few before pictures that show what the boys’ nursery looked like for the past few years. When we were pregnant with them we painted the nursery and added furniture, but that’s about all. It’s served as a cozy little room so far, but they were excited to have a new “grown up” space!

They turned 3 years old a couple months ago and have been saying that they were ready for a big boy bedroom. These precious boys often nap together, and would even wander to each other’s toddler bed during the night. Often times we would find them snuggled up together when we would go get them in the mornings. With that in mind we decided to make them one big sized, shareable bed, rather than two twin beds. This decision worked out great because we were able to simply use the queen mattress and bed frame out of our guest room. 

The first thing we decided on was to make them a headboard rather than purchase one. I scrolled through pictures on Pinterest until I found one that I liked, tweaked it a bit in my mind, and then shared my idea with Nathan. As usual, he worked magic and took my idea and then made a fabulous headboard for the boys (all in just a few hours). He’s amazing! ā¤ļøļø

That old tin that we used as the background of the head board was salvaged from an old building that we tore down at one of our flips last year. I knew when we took that building down that I would find something to do with that tin, and now I’m SO glad I didn’t let them throw it away! 

The idea I had in my mind was to create a room that would in a sense, grow with them. I didn’t want it to have a distinct theme, but just an overall “boy” feel to it. We didn’t want to have to repaint the room again, and purposefully painted it a neutral color a few years ago so that paint color would work for a long time. So, all we really needed to do was pick out a few other details to make it feel like a “big boy room”. The final product only took a couple weeks of shopping and one day of installation and it was complete. The end result is something that the twins LOVE! …And that makes us so happy! šŸ’•

Im not gonna lie, I shed a few tears during their first night not spent in their cribs/toddler beds. I just can’t believe they’re growing up so fast. I ask them everyday to just “slow down growing…just a little bit”. They haven’t listened to me yet. šŸ˜©Babies just don’t keep. Now that I’m crying…let me wrap this blog up. 

Anyways, we’re so glad they love their new room! Thanks for reading!!!

Quilt set: Joss and Main

Curtains: Wayfair

Sconces: Amazon

Rug: Rugs USA

Map: Hobby Lobby

Personalized navy chairs: Land of Nod

Toy chest: used to belong to their daddy and Uncle TJ

Dresser: used to belong to their Grandpa Al (I refurbished it a couple years ago) 

Guest Bathroom Reveal

Hi friends! Today I’m going to share before and after pictures of the guest bathroom renovation. 

We kept the original layout of this bathroom and just replaced all of the finishes. We demolished and/or removed the existing tile, tub, toilet, vanity, mirror, lighting, etc and just redesigned it to be more up to date. I had originally hoped to give the bathtub a good cleaning and reuse it since it was in good condition, but it ended up getting destroyed on demo day. So we had no choice but to purchase a new one. 

Here are the before pictures.

I’m sure you all would agree that this bathroom was just icky and was very plain and boring. 

So what did we do for the design? The overall theme for this house was a more masculine feel with enough frilliness to make it appeal to most tastes. We used a lot of navy blues and grays in the design of this house so we stuck to that same scheme in this bathroom. This bathroom looks much different than the master bathroom, but still has the same overall theme to it, if that makes sense? I wanted this bathroom to be fun enough to serve the purpose of a kids bathroom, but classy enough to work for adult guests as well.

I’m always on the lookout for a good deal or sale on stuff we can use in the renovation of homes. So if I’m walking through a Lowe’s or even at a yard sale and see something that we could repurpose or use in a future project, I’ll buy it. And that’s how I got the tile that we used for this shower. I found it on sale for $2.00 per square foot at Lowe’s last summer and purchased all that they had of it. We stored it in our basement until we had a need for it. Well, this shower is the product of that tile find. 

Funny enough, we ended up saving NO money by getting a good deal on that tile because it ended up taking forever to lay and install. All the tiny pieces around the window, ceiling, and in the corners had to be individually cut and placed. Once you see the pictures you’ll understand why this took forever. 

The flooring in this bathroom is the same gray wood grain tile that we used in the kitchen/dining/bathrooms in our last flip house. We had some left over from that project and used it in here. We also did the soap box in the shower out of this same wood grain tile and I love how it coordinates so perfectly! 

We found the brand new vanity on Craigslist and purchased it from a couple who had never even opened the box after they bought it a couple years prior. 

The lighting and hardware all came from Lowe’s. I’m not a fan of using cheap fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens because you can just tell that they’re cheap when you turn the handles and try to use them. So we never skimp out on cheap stuff, and always purchase high quality fixtures for our homes. As I’ve said before, we want to create a high quality product that buyers will appreciate. 

The mirror was purchased from HomeGoods. I purchased a couple different mirrors, but kept changing my mind because they seemed too small, not the right design feel, etc, and ended up deciding on this one. I love it and think that it fits the feel of this bathroom perfectly! 

We chose a deep soaking tub for this bathroom, so if the new owners like taking baths as much as I do then they’ll have a good spot for that! We also placed the shower head nice and high in this bathroom just like we did in the master bath.

Alrighty, here are the after pictures.

Well, what’s the verdict? We can certainly all agree that it’s much cleaner! šŸ˜‰ 

Next week I’ll post about the entry way and foyer. That might be one of my favorite transformations of this house. 

As always, thanks for reading!! 



Master Bath Reveal

Hey Guys! I’ve been doing my recent reveal posts on Saturdays, so I figured I wouldn’t break the tradition now. I mentioned in my last post about the living room that the next room reveal might be the master bath. So, I’m going to follow through with that idea and talk about that transformation now.

But first…a little update on our Hartman Homes endeavor. We met with our realtor this past week to go over numbers, details, etc. and this house officially goes on the market on Monday. So send us wishes that it sells quickly! We already have our eye on another home in the same neighborhood so we’re hopeful to be able to have our next project up and going very soon. I’ll keep you posted about that! 

Alright, let’s start with some before pictures…

Nice. Right?! Haha. Yeah, definitely not. It wasn’t only outdated but it was also disgusting. This room was taken down to the studs on demo day and received a full transformation in the months following. The door that you can see next to the toilet opened up right into the foyer. So it was super handy if you happened to be on the toilet and visitors showed up. You were almost close enough to open the front door from where you were already sitting. šŸ™ˆ Bad design choice. Obviously we took out that door, and in turn made this bathroom an exclusive master bath en suite. So now the only door into this bathroom opens from the master bedroom. To me, it just makes more sense. We also took out part of a closet from the foyer and added that space to this room to make the bathroom big enough to accommodate a second vanity. Now, it’s nice and spacious…and private. 

I chose to do a dark navy/gray on the walls. The color is “Gibraltar” by Sherwin Williams. I made sure it didn’t seem too dark by using a lot of white elements in the rest of the design. The vanities, mirrors, floor tile, and stripe and soap box tile are all white. This room also has a window which helps the space feel bigger too.

There were a few other elements to the shower that I was very picky about. I made sure that the soap box was big and tall enough to accommodate several bottles of shampoo and body wash. I had the shower head moved up about a foot from where they are typically hung, that way if someone really tall lives here they won’t have to duck down to rinse their hair. I also wanted the tile to reach to the ceiling to make the room feel bigger. 

Alright enough talking…

Here are the after pictures.

And a little FYI, the trim around the window in the next picture isn’t actually crooked and messed up; part of the right side is just covered up by the bedroom door. 

Okay friends, tell me your thoughts!! I seriously like your input because it gives me ideas for our future houses. 

As always, thanks for reading!!