Master Bathroom

Today’s post is going to talk about the master bathroom in flip house #5! Let me first start by sharing a really neat story that goes along with this house.

About 6 weeks ago Emily and Tyler contacted us and asked if we had any properties we were working on that happened to be in a very specific school district. And it just so happened that we did. They came and looked at it (in its very unfinished, construction-zone state) and fell in love with our vision for the place! They quickly got their home under contract and asked to buy ours well before it was even finished. It was super fun for us to be able to finish this home with specific homeowners in mind and they were able to personalize the home a bit to fit their needs even better! We were SO thrilled to be able to be a part of such a super exciting day yesterday…they purchased their new home and we sold our 5th project! We hope they love their new home for many many years! Cheers to them! 🥂❤️😊

Back to the master bathroom…

This bathroom was teeny tiny. It previously only housed a toilet and a sink, but no shower or bathtub. Although the vanity had recently been replaced, the rest of the space was still very outdated. The master also had a small bi-fold closet, with very little storage. We took over part of another bedroom to give us space to expand the bathroom and closet and this change allowed us to give this bedroom a much nicer master ensuite.

Here are the before pictures of the master bedroom and bathroom:

For this space, we first tore it all out and reframed for our new, expanded bathroom and closet. We more than doubled the size, probably tripled the size actually. Then we had room for a walk in closet and shower. I chose to use a wood grain tile floor in a white color with gray grout. The color on the walls we used is called Sherwin Williams Waterscape. We hung open shelves above the toilet, tiled above the shower, and added a fun mirror and light fixture to finish sprucing up this adorable bathroom! Oh, and let me not forget to add that we did a sliding “barn” door into the bathroom.

Having a sense of cohesiveness throughout a home reflects good design. Spaces need to feel unique, but the same, if that makes sense. I’ll break that down for you and explain how I did that in the two bathrooms in this house. We used the same paint color on the walls. The open shelving was stained in the same color, but we used different brackets to hang them. The tile floor is the same style, but in a different color with a different grout color too. The finish of the mirror in the master matches the finish of the vanity in the hall bath. I mixed metals in this bathroom and loved the way it turned out. In the hall bath I only used oil rubbed bronze fixtures, but in the master I tastefully mixed oil rubbed bronze with brushed stainless steel to give it a little different feel. All of the similarities mixed with the differences achieved the goal of cohesiveness and uniqueness.

Enough talking…😬

Now for the after pictures!!

I’m seriously in love with the final product! What do you think about it?? Thanks for reading!




Flip House, Master Bath Reno, and 34 Weeks Pregnant…

We’ve got so much going on right now. Sometimes I think we’re a little bit wacko to tackle so much at one time…but alas, here we are! 

First off we’re elbow deep into our current flip house. It’s been 3 weeks since demo day and we’ve had stuff going on almost each day. We had the new HVAC system with a gas furnace installed last week. This week the new rooms started being framed, we had a new roof put on, and the painting started. I’ve pretty much finished all of the designing and shopping for this house already. All of the bathroom fixtures, lighting, tile, and paint has been purchased. I am SO stoked for this house to start taking shape. I decided to go with a creamy White for the walls (exact color is Sherwin William’s Drift of Mist) and a medium gray (Sherwin William’s Dorian Gray) for all of the trim and interior doors. This house had fabulous, thick old trim and I wanted it to be a highlighted feature in the design of this house. Here’s a sneak peek of these colors.

As soon as the kitchen cabinets are finished being painted (in Sherwin William’s Alabaster), we will select the granite so it can be installed. 

Once the bathrooms start coming together I’ll share details of those rooms. Here’s a hint, we’re creating an enormous master suite by turning the old den into the master bath!! Whoo, I can hardly wait! It’s going to be incredible! 

My goal is to have most of my design work completed for this house before our baby makes his appearance in the next several weeks. This will allow me to have some necessary time off from this project after he is born. 

The next project that we have going on is at our house. At this very moment our master bathroom is fully gutted and is about to receive a complete makeover. We’re also hoping to have this done before the baby comes, hopefully even in this next week. We’re rearranging the layout of the room, we’ve removed 2 closets and are adding a new walk in closet, adding all new tile, a new vanity, new shower, fresh paint, lighting, fixtures, etc. I’m SO excited! 

My vision for this bathroom was for it to be a good mixture of several styles and not feel too “trendy”. I want it to be classy enough to last for a long, long time. The goal of the design is for it to feel clean and fresh with a hint of a historical, Charleston feel, a hint of farmhouse, and a hint of industrial. But not too much of any of those. I want it to feel fresh and airy. I’ll share a few individual pictures of some of the items going into this bathroom. 

This gorgeous, classy tile is perfect! I knew it was the right one the moment I found it!! We will use it to cover the floor and the large soap box in the shower will be in this tile too!

This 72″ vanity is handmade from reclaimed wood and will have two above mount white, rectangle sinks on it.

These lights that we decided to use for above the vanity were the perfect mixture of industrial and farmhouse. We have three of these lights that will be to the left, middle, and right of the round, brass rimmed mirrors.

The tub/shower will be tiled in a large white subway tile with charcoal colored grout. The wall behind the toilet will also be tiled in this same subway tile. The rest of the walls are going to be painted in a bright, fresh…wait for it…green!! Yes, green! Imagine a creamy sage green, but a bit brighter. I’m so excited! Another feature I’m pretty excited about are these built in shelves next to the shower. They will look kinda like this.

One of the design staples that inspired this room came from a purchase we made during our recent trip to Charleston, SC. We love it there so much and wanted to incorporate some pieces from there into our new bathroom. I purchased two old prints (one of a painting of the battery and downtown area and one old map).  I framed them in antique brass frames and they will be hung above the toilet on the tile wall. Can you get a sense yet of the feeling I’m trying to achieve in here?! Ahh, I can feel it and can’t wait to see it all come together! 

Stay tuned for the before and after pictures as soon as this room is finished! I promise I’ll do a blog post. 



Hartman Interiors

Maybe that will be the business name that I’ll start operating under? Haha. Who knows what the future holds? 

A week ago I received a text from a friend that said “you’re hired”. I knew exactly what she was talking about. The day prior we had been talking about her living room. She wasn’t happy with it. She wants it to be brighter and airier. She’s not happy with the layout. She wants new furniture. She felt at a loss for inspiration. As I was listening to her I said, “I’ll help you. Seriously. I love to decorate.” 

So now here we are, one week later. She has given me a budget, an inspirational picture (per my request), told me the colors she wants to incorporate and then let me loose. 

 Here is one of the pictures that she gave me. An inspirational picture is something that I use when decorating. I find a picture of something, anything that I like. It could even be a picture of a bathroom that I really like and will then use it to try and recreate the same feeling in a different space.  In her picture that I shared below, she really liked the different patterns and colors and how open and bright the space feels. So I need to recreate this same feeling in her living room with the colors navy and red. 


Challenge accepted.

Today I went to some yard sales first, and then to some other stores. I have started my collection of items for her room and I can’t wait to finish and see it all come together!

Here’s some of the loot from today’s shopping.    

I’m going to reupholster this adorable little coffee table and paint the legs.   This table has all kinds of charm. It’s going to get a fresh coat of paint too. 

I have often said that if I could make people’s homes beautiful as a job, I would do it in a heartbeat.  Well, here’s my first chance. I’ll make sure to do a blog post with befores and afters so you guys can see too!!

Guest Bedroom Rehab

We love to host guests at our home and we do so fairly often. We have friends and family from out of state and they are always welcome to come, visit, and make themselves at home here. 

This year, for the first time in several years, we are hosting Thanksgiving at our home. During this time my brother in law and sister in law and my little nephew will be staying with us. Yay! So I figured, why not give the guest bedroom a little makeover. I wouldn’t call this a full renovation by any means, more like a small facelift. 

We’ve always had a guest bedroom, but it just looked tired. This room was full of the bedroom furniture that was in my bedroom at my parent’s house. It was in good shape, but very outdated. And it was crowded; just too much furniture for that bedroom. 

So I began brainstorming. I decided that we could sell the current guest bedroom furniture, purchase a new bed, and furnish the rest of the bedroom with items that we already had around here. (You see, I love a good deal and I love to go to yard sales, garage sales, auctions, etc. and sometimes I will purchase really cool items even if I don’t have a home for them in mind just yet. Oops.) My husband always gives me a hard time about that because this purchasing “crowds his basement”. I’ve always told home that I just couldn’t pass it up and someday I may need it. Well, that “someday” arrived this weekend. 

I told my idea to my hubby and he was excited because this plan included getting rid of more items than we were bringing in and he loves to de-clutter. As do I, however, I don’t consider my treasures sitting in the basement “clutter”. Alas, he was excited which meant my plan was a go. 

I wanted this bedroom to feel cozy and farmhousey (I know I just made that word up, but just try to follow me), but also fresh and airy too. The picture I had in my mind was of a bed and breakfast in a historic little downtown area. I paint these pictures in my mind to give myself inspiration. Maybe I’m a little wacko, who knows? Of course this would be a challenge, since I had already decided to only use pieces I already had around here.  Anyways, I knew I wanted a metal bed, which I was able to find on Craigslist for only $60.00. I tossed around the idea of painting the room, but decided since this was only a room facelift that painting could wait until another time. Without further ado, here are the before pictures. 

 Side note: I put this furniture on Craigslist and had four different people call about it the next day. Awesome, because that meant we didn’t have to haul it to goodwill!   
And here are the afters.

drum roll please…I’m kidding.

  Let me say that I did purchase these curtains  and the two white throw pillows on the bed specifically for this room and I did not have them previously.






 And this blanket ladder, I could swoon over it all day. Nathan made this for me and I stained it.   
I may add more items to this room sometime, but I don’t want it to get crowded. As a guest room, I want there to be plenty of room for our guests to comfortably store their luggage and other items they may have with them. 

I’m really liking how this little room facelift turned out. What do you guys think?