A New Big Boy Bedroom for the Twins

Hi friends!!

I’ve decided to take a little hiatus from blogging about our flip house. I’m sure I’ll post another update next week, but for today I’m not going to talk about that at all. Instead I’m going to share a small little project we’ve been working on at home. 

As most of you know, we’re expecting another little boy (he will make baby boy #3) in about 3 months. Obviously, with the addition of a new family member comes making room for him. We decided to make our twins a big boy bedroom and then use one of their old cribs in the baby’s new nursery. We’ve been clearing out our guest room and will be converting that room into the new nursery. But, before we could move one of the cribs into that room, we had to make a new bedroom for Maverick and Maxton. Here are a few before pictures that show what the boys’ nursery looked like for the past few years. When we were pregnant with them we painted the nursery and added furniture, but that’s about all. It’s served as a cozy little room so far, but they were excited to have a new “grown up” space!

They turned 3 years old a couple months ago and have been saying that they were ready for a big boy bedroom. These precious boys often nap together, and would even wander to each other’s toddler bed during the night. Often times we would find them snuggled up together when we would go get them in the mornings. With that in mind we decided to make them one big sized, shareable bed, rather than two twin beds. This decision worked out great because we were able to simply use the queen mattress and bed frame out of our guest room. 

The first thing we decided on was to make them a headboard rather than purchase one. I scrolled through pictures on Pinterest until I found one that I liked, tweaked it a bit in my mind, and then shared my idea with Nathan. As usual, he worked magic and took my idea and then made a fabulous headboard for the boys (all in just a few hours). He’s amazing! ❤️️

That old tin that we used as the background of the head board was salvaged from an old building that we tore down at one of our flips last year. I knew when we took that building down that I would find something to do with that tin, and now I’m SO glad I didn’t let them throw it away! 

The idea I had in my mind was to create a room that would in a sense, grow with them. I didn’t want it to have a distinct theme, but just an overall “boy” feel to it. We didn’t want to have to repaint the room again, and purposefully painted it a neutral color a few years ago so that paint color would work for a long time. So, all we really needed to do was pick out a few other details to make it feel like a “big boy room”. The final product only took a couple weeks of shopping and one day of installation and it was complete. The end result is something that the twins LOVE! …And that makes us so happy! 💕

Im not gonna lie, I shed a few tears during their first night not spent in their cribs/toddler beds. I just can’t believe they’re growing up so fast. I ask them everyday to just “slow down growing…just a little bit”. They haven’t listened to me yet. 😩Babies just don’t keep. Now that I’m crying…let me wrap this blog up. 

Anyways, we’re so glad they love their new room! Thanks for reading!!!

Quilt set: Joss and Main

Curtains: Wayfair

Sconces: Amazon

Rug: Rugs USA

Map: Hobby Lobby

Personalized navy chairs: Land of Nod

Toy chest: used to belong to their daddy and Uncle TJ

Dresser: used to belong to their Grandpa Al (I refurbished it a couple years ago) 


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