Guest Bathroom Reveal

Hi friends! Today I’m going to share before and after pictures of the guest bathroom renovation. 

We kept the original layout of this bathroom and just replaced all of the finishes. We demolished and/or removed the existing tile, tub, toilet, vanity, mirror, lighting, etc and just redesigned it to be more up to date. I had originally hoped to give the bathtub a good cleaning and reuse it since it was in good condition, but it ended up getting destroyed on demo day. So we had no choice but to purchase a new one. 

Here are the before pictures.

I’m sure you all would agree that this bathroom was just icky and was very plain and boring. 

So what did we do for the design? The overall theme for this house was a more masculine feel with enough frilliness to make it appeal to most tastes. We used a lot of navy blues and grays in the design of this house so we stuck to that same scheme in this bathroom. This bathroom looks much different than the master bathroom, but still has the same overall theme to it, if that makes sense? I wanted this bathroom to be fun enough to serve the purpose of a kids bathroom, but classy enough to work for adult guests as well.

I’m always on the lookout for a good deal or sale on stuff we can use in the renovation of homes. So if I’m walking through a Lowe’s or even at a yard sale and see something that we could repurpose or use in a future project, I’ll buy it. And that’s how I got the tile that we used for this shower. I found it on sale for $2.00 per square foot at Lowe’s last summer and purchased all that they had of it. We stored it in our basement until we had a need for it. Well, this shower is the product of that tile find. 

Funny enough, we ended up saving NO money by getting a good deal on that tile because it ended up taking forever to lay and install. All the tiny pieces around the window, ceiling, and in the corners had to be individually cut and placed. Once you see the pictures you’ll understand why this took forever. 

The flooring in this bathroom is the same gray wood grain tile that we used in the kitchen/dining/bathrooms in our last flip house. We had some left over from that project and used it in here. We also did the soap box in the shower out of this same wood grain tile and I love how it coordinates so perfectly! 

We found the brand new vanity on Craigslist and purchased it from a couple who had never even opened the box after they bought it a couple years prior. 

The lighting and hardware all came from Lowe’s. I’m not a fan of using cheap fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens because you can just tell that they’re cheap when you turn the handles and try to use them. So we never skimp out on cheap stuff, and always purchase high quality fixtures for our homes. As I’ve said before, we want to create a high quality product that buyers will appreciate. 

The mirror was purchased from HomeGoods. I purchased a couple different mirrors, but kept changing my mind because they seemed too small, not the right design feel, etc, and ended up deciding on this one. I love it and think that it fits the feel of this bathroom perfectly! 

We chose a deep soaking tub for this bathroom, so if the new owners like taking baths as much as I do then they’ll have a good spot for that! We also placed the shower head nice and high in this bathroom just like we did in the master bath.

Alrighty, here are the after pictures.

Well, what’s the verdict? We can certainly all agree that it’s much cleaner! šŸ˜‰ 

Next week I’ll post about the entry way and foyer. That might be one of my favorite transformations of this house. 

As always, thanks for reading!! 




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