Master Bath Reveal

Hey Guys! I’ve been doing my recent reveal posts on Saturdays, so I figured I wouldn’t break the tradition now. I mentioned in my last post about the living room that the next room reveal might be the master bath. So, I’m going to follow through with that idea and talk about that transformation now.

But first…a little update on our Hartman Homes endeavor. We met with our realtor this past week to go over numbers, details, etc. and this house officially goes on the market on Monday. So send us wishes that it sells quickly! We already have our eye on another home in the same neighborhood so we’re hopeful to be able to have our next project up and going very soon. I’ll keep you posted about that! 

Alright, let’s start with some before pictures…

Nice. Right?! Haha. Yeah, definitely not. It wasn’t only outdated but it was also disgusting. This room was taken down to the studs on demo day and received a full transformation in the months following. The door that you can see next to the toilet opened up right into the foyer. So it was super handy if you happened to be on the toilet and visitors showed up. You were almost close enough to open the front door from where you were already sitting. ๐Ÿ™ˆ Bad design choice. Obviously we took out that door, and in turn made this bathroom an exclusive master bath en suite. So now the only door into this bathroom opens from the master bedroom. To me, it just makes more sense. We also took out part of a closet from the foyer and added that space to this room to make the bathroom big enough to accommodate a second vanity. Now, it’s nice and spacious…and private. 

I chose to do a dark navy/gray on the walls. The color is “Gibraltar” by Sherwin Williams. I made sure it didn’t seem too dark by using a lot of white elements in the rest of the design. The vanities, mirrors, floor tile, and stripe and soap box tile are all white. This room also has a window which helps the space feel bigger too.

There were a few other elements to the shower that I was very picky about. I made sure that the soap box was big and tall enough to accommodate several bottles of shampoo and body wash. I had the shower head moved up about a foot from where they are typically hung, that way if someone really tall lives here they won’t have to duck down to rinse their hair. I also wanted the tile to reach to the ceiling to make the room feel bigger. 

Alright enough talking…

Here are the after pictures.

And a little FYI, the trim around the window in the next picture isn’t actually crooked and messed up; part of the right side is just covered up by the bedroom door. 

Okay friends, tell me your thoughts!! I seriously like your input because it gives me ideas for our future houses. 

As always, thanks for reading!!




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