Flip House #3 Update

Hey everybody! I’m sorry for the super long hiatus from updating my blog. Now that we’ve made our official announcement I can share on here that the reason I have been so silent on here is because I’ve been incredibly sick the past few months. Why you may ask?? Because I’m pregnant with our 3rd child! We are super thrilled and could not be happier! We were a little surprised that it happened so quickly, but I think that the Lord likes to surprise us sometimes. We closed on our current flip house in November and found out we were pregnant about a week later. The nausea hit a week after that and boy it hit hard. Whew! The sickness left me laying on a couch and vomiting (sorry if that was TMI) while trying to take care of my toddler boys. Thank heavens for my precious husband who was more than willing to help me in the evenings and my sweet parents and grandparents who would come over and watch the boys for a bit while I just laid on the couch in my misery. Haha. But really. I’m not kidding. However, the first trimester is over this week and I’m starting to feel a bit more like a human these days. Hopefully the worst is over! 

The flip house has been a bit slower going this time. This house needed ALOT. And most of the beginning of the renovation is all stuff that isn’t pretty to look at or photograph. It mostly just looks like a construction zone over there; but there are a few design elements starting to come together.  This is also the first renovation we have done in the winter and the cold/wet weather has proven to slow us down a bit too.

Since I wasn’t able to do the individual room before pictures and the plans for those rooms, I’ll give a quick update with some before pictures and some current “in progress” pictures. 
Here is a before of the front of the house. 

And here is a picture I took today of the front of the house. The overgrown landscaping has been removed. The front porch has been removed and is waiting to be rebuilt. New windows have been installed, and new vinyl has been added (its difficult to see with the lighting in this picture, but the siding on the front porch area is a gray shaker style vinyl) The front door will be painted, shutters will be added, and fresh landscaping will be done before this place is ready to sell. 

Here is a before picture of the side of the house. 

And this picture was taken today from the same spot. New vinyl, new windows, new garage doors, and new gutters have all been finished in the last week.  And please ignore the dumpster in the driveway, as I’ve mentioned this is still a construction zone. 

Here is a before picture of the hall bathroom.

And here is a picture that I took today from the same spot. The space was totally demolished and currently has a new deep, soaking bathtub, new wood grain tile floor, and (not finished yet) glass and slate tile laid in a herringbone pattern around the shower. Of course we have a new vanity, new lighting, and all new hardware including faucet, tub spout, shower head, etc. that will eventually be installed. Please look past the fact that this is currently still a construction zone and nothing is cleaned or finished yet. It’s all still a work in progress. Just try to see my vision 😬.

Here’s a before picture of part of the {super ugly} master bathroom.

And here’s a picture of the current work that is being completed in there. Let me set the tone for what this bathroom will look like before I share the picture from today. This bathroom has been expanded by taking out a closet in the foyer and adding that space to the bathroom. That extra space has given us room to have two vanities in the bathroom now. We’ve picked those out and purchased them already and they are PERFECT. They’re white with open storage on the bottom and white carerra marble tops with stainless hardware. 😍 They’re beautiful. The walls will be painted a…hold your breath… navy blue color. Yep. That’s right. And it’s going to be perfect. The dark color will be balanced by the white vanities and the white tile floor, which I pictured below. The shower is gray tile with a large white vertical stripe and big white soap box. That’s one of the only things even decent looking enough to take a picture of, so I’ll share that picture too. All of the tile (shower and floor) will have a dark gray grout, which hasn’t been done yet. I hope you’re able to look at these pictures and see part of my vision. Even if you can’t see it now, hang with me, it will start coming together soon!

That’s it for now. I’ll share some before pictures and progress pictures of the kitchen, foyer, and living room soon. I’ll give a few hints though…custom built-in mudroom area/bench in the foyer, shiplap and custom shelving next to the fireplace, and some quartz in the kitchen with maybe a tin backsplash…although I’m not totally decided on that one. 

As always, thanks for reading!




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