Life Update and Hartman Homes Update 

We have been SO crazy busy this past month and a half that I haven’t had a single minute to do a blog post. We traveled to Orlando, FL for a week the last of October for my work. Yes, I know, that comes as a surprise to some people who read this blog but don’t know me personally. I am a respiratory therapist that works on our hospital’s CF multidisciplinary team. That’s a huge part of my life that I don’t really talk about on the blog. I spoke at a different conference during the middle of October and just found out two days ago that I’m speaking this weekend at an education day hosted by our CF Center. So, to say my job keeps me busy would be very true. But, I love it. I love my patients, I love our care team, I love my manager…It’s truly an amazing and rewarding career.

Here’s a picture taken in Orlando of part of our CF team.

My interior design business has taken off as well. I decided to give it a real name (Hartman Interiors) and actually go for it back in June and since then I have been as busy as I could handle. It’s pretty incredible. I LOVE to create and design. It literally makes my heart beat faster. Hartman Interiors is legally a sole proprietorship now. Crazy, right?! We are in the process of having a logo designed too. We should be finalizing on that soon and I’m sure I’ll share it with you all.

After working for 11 years for the same company, Nathan started a new job about five weeks ago. He wasn’t looking for a new job at all. The company he works for now literally called him up and wanted to have lunch with him. After meeting with them for lunch, he received a job offer that he literally could not turn down. Not only did they offer a very substantial raise, they also agreed to let him work only four days a week! So guess what?! That allows him have more time available to work on our flips. Isn’t the Lord incredible. He knew that the desire of our hearts was to have more time to pursue our dream of designing and flipping, and without us pursuing that at all, He opened that door. We are so blessed.

So all of this “stuff” would definitely serve as my reason for the lack of blogging lately. However, I’m hoping to get back at it. We FINALLY got a new flip house. We attempted to purchase/made offers on at least 5 different homes with 7 different offers being legally submitted during that time. It was totally exhausting, but it’s just the nature of the game. Flipping is not what it used to be back 10 years ago. Stuff doesn’t go as cheap and more people are trying to get into it. We went into several bidding wars on homes we had made offers on and I HATE that. That often times drives the price up to the point that there ends up being no room for profit. There were occasions where we were faced with a bidding war and we decided to back out instead of being tempted to offer too much and reduce our chance of good profit. But, we finally got one! And…it’s a really, really good one! It doesn’t look like much now…but it will!

It’s a 2100 sq ft brick ranch with a partially finished basement. It’s in the best school district in the area, in a quiet neighborhood, and on a corner lot. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, including a large master suite.  It has a kitchen, dining room, living room, office, den, foyer, front porch, covered back patio and 2 fireplaces! Of course it needs TONS of work. It’s never had an hvac system; so that will have to be added. It needs all new windows. Both bathrooms need a total gut and renovation. We’re taking down walls to make an open floor plan. The front porch has be torn down and replaced. Etc, etc, etc. It needs ALOT. But we’ve never backed down from a challenge before, and are totally stoked to get started! 

I think for this flip I’m going to do an individual “before” post for each room and area of the house with our plans for that room. And then I’ll do individual “after” posts of each of the same rooms and spaces. I haven’t decided whether I am going to stage this house or not. We’ll see…

Stay posted for our first “before” room reveal that I’ll be sharing in just a few days! 

As always, thanks for reading!




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