Fall Is In The Air

I love summer, I really do. But this heat has me dreaming of some cooler fall weather. I just LOVE fall. Pumpkin everything, fall colors, fires in the firepit, pumpkin patches, tractor rides…I just love it all!! 

You know what else I love?! Fall time scented candles! I burn them pretty much 24/7 from September through November. I’m typically a Bath and Body Works candle person, but this year I think I may have a new favorite candle, or maybe several.  I was given two candles to “test” and do a product review on. Well, I fell in love.  

If you’ve never heard of Carolina Chic Home Decor, owned by Cole and Brittney Bowen, you need to go check them out right now at carolinachichomedecor.com. Like right now…but then come back and finish reading about their candles. Anyways, Hartman Interiors has been using Carolina Chic to make some of our furniture for staging (and they do an awesome job on that too!), but Cole gave me some candles to test out the last time we met up to pick up our furniture. There were lots of choices, probably 10 or 15 different scents to choose from. But since I’ve  been in the mood for the fall season, I chose “Grandma’s Pecan Pie” and “Pumpkin Pie”. 

The very next day I tried out one and then a few hours later tried out the other. Oh. My. Word. They smelled SO good! I’m talking, one little candle made over 2,000 sq feet of house smell amazing! When Nathan came home from work he noticed it immediately. I think he was disappointed to realize that there wasn’t something baking in the oven, but nonetheless he was impressed with the candle. 

My “Grandma’s Pecan Pie” candle is now almost gone, and once my other one is gone I’m sure I’ll need to get me a few more! Carolina Chic Home Decor will be at the upcoming Apple Festival in September and the Barbecue Festival in October. If you’re at those events, please do yourself a favor and pick up a candle (or several) for $9.00. You won’t regret it.  

As always, thanks for reading!





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