Dining Room Facelift

I’ve been sharing a lot about our flip house lately and not very much about our house. Truth is, we spend most of our time at our flips. But, our current one is finished and I’ve been doing a little “sprucing up” at our own house. 

Our dining room has always been one of my favorite rooms in our house. It was built with good bones, per se. There’s an exposed brick wall and two archways leading into this room. One wall has a huge door leading onto our deck. The character in this room is one of the biggest reasons I was so drawn to this house the day we looked at it. But of course there were still improvements to be made. We’ve been slowly making improvements since we moved in over two years ago. Here are some pictures taken the day before we moved in.   

  This was taken the day we moved in…  
And this is just a week or so later when I added some fall decor.

 Certainly a good space, but it needed some special touches. Our first project was to paint some horizontal stripes on the wall leading out to the deck.  This picture was taken during the progress. 

 The next change we made in here was replacing the chandelier. The fixture wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t my favorite. I found a replacement that I think fits the space so well. I think it’s technically a light for over an island, but I love the way it looks over the table when looking through the arches. Another huge bonus…I scored it at a yard sale for $4. Yep…$4.00!  This is not a great picture, and I apologize.
 The addition of the rugs came next. I previously had the jute and cowhide rugs in the living room, but replaced them with a larger wool rug that fits the size of the living room better. When I moved these rugs into the dining room I knew it was a perfect fit! Right after that, we added our open, industrial shelving to the brick wall. I have loved having a place to display some of my prettier kitchen/dining items. 

The next change was our new sliding glass door. The previous sliding door that led out to the deck didn’t do much “sliding”. It was old and worn out. It took much effort to open and close it, and the locking mechanism was broken. So basically we lived here with an unlocked door for 2 years. Good thing we live in a good area. 😉The new decor items in the pictures below were just added in the past couple weeks and is what inspired this post. 

  Isn’t that Farmer’s Market sign incredible? I ordered it from Painted Fox Home, and although it took 2 months to arrive, I was very pleased!  
That wreath is made from an old Webster’s dictionary. I saw it at a little local boutique and fell in love. 

That window was one of many windows that was found in a building on my grandparents property years ago. I cleaned it up and used it just like it was found. So, the paint distressing is all natural!

 Thanks for stopping by and checking out our little dining room facelift! 



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