Flip House Update: Kitchen and Dining

Yesterday afternoon I met with the marketing agent for our realtor to work on the video for our upcoming open house on August 7. They also wanted to film a feature on Hartman Interiors. How exciting is that?! I was a little nervous, but everything went fine. They videoed me while I talked about different features of the flip house and the design ideas that inspired the rooms. I also talked about some of the pieces that are for sale at the flip. I haven’t seen the video yet, so fingers crossed that I don’t look like a weirdo. 😉

Today I finished writing prices on the tags, stamping them with my business stamp, and tying them on to all the pieces at the house. It’s starting to look like a showroom at a department store with every piece in the house labeled with a price/description. I actually already sold two pieces (a table and a lamp) and will have to replace them before the open house.  As a little side note…to my lifelong friend who stopped by while I was working on that today…thanks for stopping! It made my day to hear all the positive things you had to say. You’re so sweet!

Now on to the “update” part of this blog post. Let’s reminisce with a couple before pictures… 

Eeekkk…not attractive. I definitely had my work cut out for me in this room. White, white, white, and black. Bad combo in this situation. 

I deliberated for a very short amount of time on whether to keep the existing cabinets. The final result was a big NO. The layout just didn’t work. Having that mini peninsula coming right out to the fridge made the space seem very small. I decided to rearrange the layout of the kitchen, so on demo day this place was demolished down to the walls. The cabinets, lighting, countertops, appliances, sink and flooring were all torn out and eventually replaced. The new layout makes the kitchen flow much better now. 

My vision for this space was this: “farmhouse meets classic meets modern”.  I tend to be drawn towards the industrial, farmhouse look when decorating my own house.  So of course I wanted to incorporate some of that feeling, but I also wanted the space to be timeless and classic enough to appeal to the majority of potential homebuyers. 

I decided on solid oak cabinetry, but left a couple open spaces so that we could do open shelving in those spots. My granite choice is called White Cloud and it is the perfect blend of white, gray, and black. For the backsplash I did a white subway tile with a light gray grout color. The gray, “wood like” tile flooring is the same flooring that is in both bathrooms and the laundry/mudroom. The light fixtures I picked for this space are a stainless color and match the new sink and faucet. We also furnished new, stainless appliances (excluding a refrigerator).

 The chandelier in the dining room is my favorite one in the whole house. It is stunning! Believe it or not, that fixture is a Craigslist find! The dining room table is also a Craigslist find and is over 100 years old. I had originally planned on painting the table white, but when I learned the history of it I knew I couldn’t dare paint it. I did, however, reupholster the seats because they were in rough condition. To be so old, the table is in immaculate shape. As an antique lover myself…it’s dreamy!

And now, after all that talking…😁 here are the after pictures.  

As always, thanks for reading this update!! I enjoy sharing parts of our flipping journey here on my blog and it’s always nice to hear your feedback.  I’ll be sharing the address and link to the open house flyer next week, so if anyone would like to come, see it in person, and shop from the furniture/decor feel free!! 




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