A Sweet Find

A couple weeks ago we had an “outside clean up day” at our flip house. The biggest part of this cleanup was to tackle emptying out the three storage sheds in the back yard. They weren’t totally full, but had quite a bit of stuff that needed hauling off. 

Being the lover of salvaged goods that I am, I was hopeful that I would find some hidden gem amongst all the trash. And you know what?! I wasn’t disappointed. Sitting in the largest shed was this little treasure just waiting to be loved. It was a rickety, stained, ugly chair that just needed a little elbow grease to be beautiful again. 

It was actually pretty hideous initially, and I’m sure my dear husband would have tossed it straight in the trash. But I rescued it, put it in my SUV, and hauled it home.

 A few days later I started in on my restoration of this fine piece of antiqued glory. Nathan helped me sturdy it up using some liquid nails and wood clamps. After letting that dry for a day or so it was ready for paint. Usually I would sand down furniture that I plan on repainting, but this chair was so rough and scratchy already that it didn’t need any more sanding. 

I picked a white paint color that I already had left over from another job and painted one thick coat of paint, let it dry, and took some sand paper to it. I find the key to a good “distressed paint” job is to focus on the areas that would naturally become chipped over time. Think of the places that would receive lots of touching during use and focus on those areas. That way the finished piece looks natural and antiqued, rather than intentionally distressed. 

The next step was to reupholster the seat. I had a few different fabric choices lying in my “interior design/craft/diy” area of the basement and picked from those. I certainly didn’t want to make an extra trip out and spend money on fabric since the rest of this restoration project had been free. I ended up using a fabric that was tan with a blue stripe. It definitely has a strong farmhouse feel to it, so of course I love it. 

I reassembled this little gem and it was done. I’m pretty excited with how cute it looks, and even more excited that it cost me a total of $0.00. Can’t beat free!! My plan is to use this chair in staging the flip house. It’s going to go right next to the entryway table in the living room. 

I can’t wait to show you the rest of the stuff I’ve restored/salvaged/thrifted and picked out for the flip house. I am as excited about decorating that house as a kid would be while waiting on Santa. Hopefully only a couple more weeks until I get to start putting it all together!




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