Flip House Update

Tomorrow will be one month since we closed on our current flip project. I feel like we’ve been moving pretty quickly on this one so far. Our goal is to have it on the market in one more month. We shall see. We’ve hired out some of the work on this one (painting!), so our sanity has been easier to maintain this go round.

Nathan and a couple of his buddies did all of the demo the weekend after we purchased it. The renovation has progressed very quickly since then. I feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind the past couple weeks trying to pick out all the fixtures.  It seems like everyday there has been something new that has to be decided on: granite, light fixtures, flooring, new bathroom floor plans, plans for the built-in bench seating in the sunroom, tile and fixtures for the shower, etc etc. It is SO much fun though. I seriously love it! Sometimes I take a step back and think, “Is this really my life?” I just feel so blessed. For literally years we wanted to start flipping and just simply didn’t have the money to get started. But here we are, halfway through with our second one and we have no plans to stop after this. 

Let me tell you what all we decided to do on this one. For starters, we decided to add a second bath. This was a biggie. We kept going back and forth. We knew it would make our renovation timeline longer, and more pricey, but in the end we decided that the return would be well worth it. Next we had to move the laundry room since the new bathroom would make the laundry room impossible to stay where it currently was. We tore out the old kitchen and the existing bathroom down to the studs and they are going to both be completely new. We took out the two support posts between the dining room and living room and replaced them with a header beam to make the house seem much more open. We replaced the black and white vinyl flooring in the kitchen and sunroom. All the light fixtures are being replaced. The whole house, including: walls, trim, doors, and ceilings are getting painted. We are having a portion of the driveway torn out and replaced, and having a new, much cozier side walked poured too. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…I am going to stage the main living spaces!!! Do you hear me?! Not only do I get to renovate and design the whole house, but I get to furnish and decorate it too! Is this for real? 

We decided that since staging definitely helps with the sale of a home, why not invest in doing it on ours. If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’ve just recently started an interior design and staging business, so deciding to stage this home could not have thrilled my heart more. I’m going to have everything in the home for sale, that way if any of the potential buyers, realtors, etc want to purchase any of it then they are more than welcome. I get to decorate and someone has the opportunity to move into a furnished home. Win/win situation!

Here are a few progress picture I took just recently. You can read my previous blog post titled “Ready, Set, Flip” to see the before photos. 

I feel like I should add, that all the purple you see on the walls in these pictures is the new moisture resistant drywall put in the bathrooms that just hasn’t been painted yet. 

 All of the existing wood on the walls in the kitchen will be staying, but will be bright and painted upon completion. The texture and character was just so perfect that I couldn’t bear to have it removed. 

The new tile flooring I decided to go with is this beautiful, wide planked, wood grain looking gray tile and I am in love with it!

   I chose a white subway tile for the shower with the soap box and horizontal stripe done with gray and white marble. The result turned out perfect.  Here is what the new bathroom currently looks like. It’s studded in and plumbing is run to it, but all the “fun” stuff has yet to be completed. But I really do have some exciting stuff picked out for it!   

 Stay posted to see what the final product looks like!  I can’t wait to show you pictures. 



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