Hartman Interiors

Maybe that will be the business name that I’ll start operating under? Haha. Who knows what the future holds? 

A week ago I received a text from a friend that said “you’re hired”. I knew exactly what she was talking about. The day prior we had been talking about her living room. She wasn’t happy with it. She wants it to be brighter and airier. She’s not happy with the layout. She wants new furniture. She felt at a loss for inspiration. As I was listening to her I said, “I’ll help you. Seriously. I love to decorate.” 

So now here we are, one week later. She has given me a budget, an inspirational picture (per my request), told me the colors she wants to incorporate and then let me loose. 

 Here is one of the pictures that she gave me. An inspirational picture is something that I use when decorating. I find a picture of something, anything that I like. It could even be a picture of a bathroom that I really like and will then use it to try and recreate the same feeling in a different space.  In her picture that I shared below, she really liked the different patterns and colors and how open and bright the space feels. So I need to recreate this same feeling in her living room with the colors navy and red. 


Challenge accepted.

Today I went to some yard sales first, and then to some other stores. I have started my collection of items for her room and I can’t wait to finish and see it all come together!

Here’s some of the loot from today’s shopping.    

I’m going to reupholster this adorable little coffee table and paint the legs.   This table has all kinds of charm. It’s going to get a fresh coat of paint too. 

I have often said that if I could make people’s homes beautiful as a job, I would do it in a heartbeat.  Well, here’s my first chance. I’ll make sure to do a blog post with befores and afters so you guys can see too!!


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