The Secret Door

“Let’s open that door and see where it leads to,” I said to Nathan about a mysterious/intriguing door that had been calling my name since we arrived at our destination in Charleston, SC a little over a week ago. “No way!” he replied “What if it leads to her bedroom?” 

Have you ever heard of airbnb? Well, that’s what we used to book our stay. Basically it’s like a vacation rental by owner website where the owner of the property could be renting out the entire home, a guest house, a bedroom, or even just a couch. In our case, we had rented the guest bedroom of an adorable, huge old home for our romantic weekend away. This pink house was over 100 years old and had all the character to prove it.  It was owned and lived in by a lady whom we had never met before our arrival.

 On the second morning while we were dressing I told Nathan again that I really wanted to know where this mystery door led to. I was imagining a secret closet of some kind, maybe even a hidden library tucked away past this door. So elusive and mysterious…kinda like in the wardrobe leading to Narnia. Okay, so of course I knew there wasn’t another country behind this door, but it must to be something cool. Why else would there be a huge chest in front of it unless there was something really cool behind it? Nathan argued that the chest was obviously put there to keep us out, but all it did was make me want to go inside even more. 

It didn’t take much sweet talking to convince Nathan to help me move the chest out of the way so I could take a peek at the contents past the mystery door. And wouldn’t you know, it was jammed shut. But I was determined. Nathan sat back on the bed to watch as I heaved and pulled at the door. It was really jammed. I tugged on it some more and finally got it to open just a bit on the lower half and I smashed my face up into the crack. I could almost imagine what old historic wonder I was about to uncover. And although he would never admit it, I think Nathan was curious too.

Just as I was catching a glimpse of a fan that was operating while sitting on the floor, (which made no sense since in my mind this was a hidden room) I caught a glimpse of a person moving past the door. Oh My Word! My heart almost stopped and lept out of my chest at the same time. I froze, unable to speak. Finally I whispered to Nathan, “It’s her room, oh my word! And she’s in there! I bet she saw me, or at least heard me!” 

He looked at me with terror on his face and the dialogue went something like this. 

Nathan-“You’re kidding.”

Megan- “No, I’m not.” 

Nathan- “Yes, you are.”

Megan- “No, I’m not. I’m dead serious. I saw her.”

Nathan- “Oh my word. Now she probably thinks we’re creepers all because you had to check out that stupid door. It was all your fault and now it looks like I was in on it too and we both look guilty.” 

Megan- “hmm. Yeah you’re right. But I’m glad.”

Guilty by association.  Hahaha!

We finished getting ready with the speed of two kids who just got caught with our hands in the candy jar. We then decided to try to get out of the house without having to see or speak to her. Really it was kinda funny. We sped down the stairs and out to the car. When we both got in the car we just looked at each other and started dying laughing.

 We determined that she would probably tell her friends about the weird couple who stayed with her and tried to peek at her through the door connecting the bedrooms and then obviously tried to flee the scene without having to speak or make eye contact. 

We had another couple days there, so we inevitably did see her again, however she never mentioned the peeping Tom moment that nearly transpired. Thank goodness! Honestly though, if I stay at another old home and there seems to be another mystery door, I bet I’d do the same thing again, because you never know what cool old history a home has to share.

And I bet that some of you would have done the same thing. 😉



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