Last night while sitting in church and turning to the page in my Bible we were to be reading from, a picture caught my attention. There, tucked between the pages, was a picture of me and you. Although hard to believe, the picture was taken 10 years ago during my sophomore year of high school. I was on my way to the Jr./Sr. Banquet (Prom) with my boyfriend and Mama snapped this picture of us. As I sat there staring at this picture and reminiscing about that time in my life I started thinking about how very thankful I am for you. 

I’m thankful for that prom dress you purchased, along with the 8 or 9 other formal dresses you purchased me throughout my high school years, and then eventually for the wedding dress you purchased me. You never once complained about the extreme expense of raising a daughter, but rather cherished these moments and often told me how thankful you were to be able to spoil me. 

I’m thankful for the calluses that have become a permanent part of your hands. Those hands provided for me and our entire family all of my life, until the day that those hands gave me away to marriage. You never once complained about working insane hours to be able to keep your business thriving so as to take care of us. 

I’m thankful for all the hours you spent playing with us. We would start cheering as we heard your diesel truck approaching home. You always came outside to play with us, even after working outside all day long. You never complained, and I know it’s because you actually enjoyed it.

I’m thankful that you loved my Mama. You have shown me how important the entity of marriage is. Marriage isn’t always easy work, as I now know. But growing up, there was never the fear that ya’ll may separate. I’m so thankful for that security. 

I’m thankful that you were my first love. You, my daddy, taught me how I should be loved, protected, respected, and treasured by my husband one day. The way you raised me,  helped guide my choices as I met and married my husband. 

I’m thankful that I am your daughter. Not only that, but I’m thankful that I am your only daughter. As I’ve always joked, I am glad I didn’t have to share you with a sister.

I’m thankful that you love my babies so much. You light up when I bring them over to visit. You play with them just as enthusiastically as you used to do with me and my brothers. I am so thankful that they get the privilege of having you as their “Poppy”. 

I’m thankful that you love my husband as a son. There’s never been a doubt in my mind that if you could have hand picked a husband for me, it would be the one I’m married to. I’m thankful for the relationship that you have with him. 

I’m thankful for the wisdom and direction that you offer me and my husband when we ask you for it. And I’m equally as thankful that you know when to stay silent and wait for us to ask. You’ve never once been intrusive or spoken negatively about a decision we’ve made. You always speak with such wisdom and gentleness and in turn we trust your opinion above most. 

Daddy, I love you and respect you more than words could ever describe.


5 thoughts on “Daddy

  1. This makes me miss my dad so much as he was the same way with me growing up snd Stetson and Tinslee both are now without their poppie. Cherish the moments every day you get to spend with him!

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  2. Well… I’m crying now… Not tears of sadness but of love and thankfulness for your daddy’s love for us and the relationship he has with you and the boys.


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