Dining Room Shelving

While everyone was standing in line at the grocery store to buy their milk and bread, we were at Lowe’s gathering our materials for our next project. (Okay, so we went to the grocery store too. I mean we had to make sure we didn’t starve during the huge snowstorm they were forecasting.)  

 With the anticipation of being snowed in for a couple days, we figured now would be an awesome time to tackle a project we’ve been wanting to do for awhile. Plus, it helps keep us from going stir crazy. I’ve had my eye on this shelf that Joanna Gaines designed and put in one of her homes.  

Our shelf was going to be going in our dining room and we didn’t want it to be quite so low on the wall, so we modified it some. 

We gathered our supplies on Thursday night and executed our project on Friday.  


 We cleaned the piping really well (this was super time consuming, but necessary), and then assembled the two sides. We positioned it on the wall and marked where the screws would go. Then Nathan used a hammer drill to drill through the brick it was going on. He attached one side and then we remeasured for the other side. 

  Side note: I had originally planned on painting the piping, but once I washed it all I really liked the way it looked without paint.  
Then it was time for staining the wood. I chose a Minwax brand color called special walnut. I wanted the color to not be too dark against the brick, but not too light either.  

The trick with staining is this: you have to make super straight lines. Stain is not like paint, you will still be able to see the lines once it dries. So don’t swirl your stain around in designs (I learned this the hard way awhile back); make nice, straight lines as you apply your stain. 

Once the wood dried, we placed them on the brackets and we were done. 

Of course I could hardly wait to decorate the shelves. These shelves are being used for necessary storage, but they had to look stylish too. So here is the end result.

In the end this project cost us about an afternoon/evening of time and $134.00. I’m super excited with how our little snow day project turned out! What do you guys think?

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9 thoughts on “Dining Room Shelving

  1. Absolutely love this!!!! What kind of piping is that? You just bought it at lowes…we reallllllyyyy want to do this exact thing in dans office….


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