Christmas Memories

Nathan and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary just a few days ago on November 28.  Needless to say I have been quite nostalgic lately.  This time of year takes me back to that first year that we celebrated as a married couple. One of the very first things we did after getting home from our honeymoon was decorate our Christmas tree.  This time of year has always been one of my very favorites, but now it holds even more special memories for me.

Tonight as I was vacuuming up the pine needles out of the floor after decorating our Christmas tree I was remembering the Christmases we’ve celebrated together as a couple.  I decided to gather some of my pictures from some of the years and put them into a blog post.


Nathan and I had been dating for about four months, so we didn’t decorate a tree of our own.  However, here is a picture of us opening gifts from one another that year.  Goodness, we look like babies.  I was 18 and he was 23 when this picture was taken.20090110_17


We were married just days prior to our first tree decorating experience.  We didn’t have many tree decorating items, and we didn’t even care.  We didn’t bother to go to the store and purchase any either.  We worked with what we had.  My parents had given us some Christmas lights, we purchased the tree, and we used ornaments that were “hand me downs” from Nathan’s parents.  For a tree skirt we used a red tablecloth and for the topper we used a Santa hat.  Perfection! It was one of the most fun times ever.  We were very freshly married and everything during that time just seemed to glimmer with excitement.  It was the first of many Christmases we would spend together as husband and wife and we enjoyed every second.



We upgraded our tree skirt this particular year to the one we still have today.  I purchased it at a yard sale for $6.00.  Can’t beat that deal, especially when it was still available for purchase at Walmart for $30.00. We got our star at Walmart in the clearance bin for only five cents.  Seriously.



This was the first Christmas we celebrated in our new house.  We had moved during the middle of October, so we hadn’t been here very long.  I was also right at 25 weeks pregnant with our twins when we decorated.  Please ignore the fact that I look pretty miserable in these pictures, because the truth is, I was miserable.



Here we are in 2015 already and our boys will be approaching 2 years old later this Winter.  I’m not for sure how that’s even possible.  It really is true that time goes by so very quickly.  This year our tree decorating experience was a little more fast paced.  We had to be faster with the decorating than our boys were in destroying the decor.  Haha.  Our tree looks a bit different than in other years as well.  We have ornaments only on about the top third of the tree, because anything lower than that is within their reach, and that means that it ends up on the floor nearly instantly.  But the babies love it! They love to look at it and touch the lights.  Last year was technically their first Christmas, but they were only nine months old so they didn’t interact and understand as much.  This year they really understand that this is a special time of year. christmas 2015 5

It is so much fun for me to look back at these pictures and remember all of these moments.  Christmas tree decorating was always a really big deal as I was growing up and I have wonderful tree decorating memories for all of my 25 years.  I hope to make the same great memories for my boys to look back on one day as well. I hope you guys have wonderful tree decorating memories too!


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