A Full Heart

There are moments in life that are challenging. There are moments that are adventurous or even scary, and then there are beautiful moments that just make you wish there was a large remote control for life with a pause button you could activate in that very moment of time. Today was full of those moments for me.

This morning my sweet husband hooked up our new bike trailer to his bike. With teamwork we figured out how to operate the complicated system of securing our children into said bike trailer. We loaded them up and off we went. Everybody was happy. There was a nice breeze as we biked along the sidewalks of the bustling beach homes. The sun was shining warm rays down on our skin. My babies were tucked into the trailer with their arms joined together. They would wave to me as I peddled up next to them. As I biked along next to my favorite people in the entire world, I wanted to freeze time. It was in this moment that I had never seen anything more beautiful. The man that I married was pulling my children in a trailer behind him so we could all enjoy this time together, and my heart melted. 

Fast forward a few hours and we’re now down near the pier eating some Italian ice with our family. We make our way out onto the pier and leisurely walk the full distance of it. The babies just loved it. They were talking (babbling) the whole way. They were pointing at the people, the ocean, and the fish. As we were making our way back off the pier Nathan was pushing the stroller. I was walking next to him and I heard something. I walked a little closer to the boys and I heard my little Maverick quite clearly singing to himself. He was just a singing. I reached over and looked at Maxton who was sitting behind Maverick and said, “Do you wanna hold Mama’s hand?” And you know what? That sweet boy held out his hand. You better believe I grabbed that little hand with every ounce of love and tenderness known to mankind. We walked that way for awhile. Soon after that, Maverick turned his head and saw that we were holding hands and he held out his little hand too. And you know what? I gave him my other hand without hesitation and I walked awkwardly bent over until one of them let go. My heart felt as if it would burst. 

 Today my heart was full. My cup runneth over. I may not be able to press a pause button, but I will remember these moments the rest of my life. 


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