Pool Day

Last summer we took the boys to the pool several times. They were only 4-5 months at the time, but they did fairly well. There was no crying or panicking after we got them in the water. They were both pretty content floating around with us. 

Fast forward to this year. They are now 16 months old. They have changed their mind about how they feel about water in general. A few weeks ago I set up a kiddie pool on our back deck. 


I spent most of the time trying to convince them that they were having a good time. They finally played in it some. But I’m talking maybe 15 minutes or so. I don’t know what it is. They don’t hate it or cry and scream, they just don’t like it. They want to get out pretty much immediately. They kinda whine some and I end up sitting down and splashing myself and say, “Look! Mommy’s having fun! Sit and play in the water with me.” They usually just stand and stare at me like I’m crazy. 

But yesterday was the day. One of my best friends invited me and the boys to go to the pool with her and her hubby. I was excited and optimistic about the day! We started getting ready for our pool day. Ten hours later we were ready. I’m kidding. But, seriously, putting two kiddos in their swimsuits and their sandals, along with drenching them in sunscreen is no easy task. These are fun moments in my life right now. Easy? No. But so much fun!

I got all of our snacks, drinks, diapers, and extra sunscreen packed up. I finally got everyone loaded into the car. Then I realized I had forgotten towels and extra clothes for all of us. I ran back in and grabbed those few items. I muttered to myself, “All of this in the name of fun.” Haha. It’s funny in hindsight. But right then, I was exhausted and just wanted to be on our way.  

Before you say it, I had the car cranked with the max a/c going and both doors opened, AND with our house door opened I could see them from pretty much anywhere in the house. So, no worries! They were safe and not left in a hot car. 

Once I retrieved the almost forgotten items we were on our way. We were only running about 30 minutes behind schedule. So, basically, right on schedule. That’s sad, I know, I’m just keeping it real.

We got to the pool and my sweet friend and her husband came out and helped me unload the boys and carry everything in. These friends, I might add, are the only friends that have NEVER gotten our boys mixed up. They have always been able to tell who’s who.  They are the only non-family members that I can say that about.    

 Maverick and Maxton seemed happy. We got our truckload of stuff settled into a lounge chair and got the boys stuffed into these life jacket type/swimsuit type things that my friend’s sister had offered to us. They fit the boys perfect!

  We carried them to the water and then it happened. They started fussing. We started trying to convince them that they were having fun. We convinced them for almost an hour or so.  They never really believed us. They finally stopped fussing, and I think they had a little fun. Maybe.  I still am not quite for sure when they will get over this dislike for water that they currently have. 

After swimming for awhile it started to rain and we got out. As we were getting ready to leave, the boys found the community pool noodles and beach balls section and then they were in heaven. I think that they could have played with those all day. 

Although this pool day didn’t miraculously help them to suddenly love water, we enjoyed our day. At this age, they’ll never remember these moments, but I will. These sweet moments with my boys…nothing’s better!


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