Master Bedroom Redo

We loved our master bedroom in our old house. We had picked out our colors and theme when we were engaged and had it looking perfect when we got married. When we moved into our new house four years later we used all of our old stuff in our new space. It didn’t look that great. The wall color in our new bedroom seemed to wash out the colors in our bedding and curtains. After living in our new house for one year we decided to redo our bedroom.  Here are the only before pictures that I have. 


Please ignore the baby blue dresser under the tv. It wasn’t there for long and has found its perfect space in our boys’ nursery. It was actually Nathan’s dad’s dresser from when he was a little boy. I gave it a little rehab and now it is being used by our boys! Hmm, maybe I’ll do a separate blog about that someday. Anyways, back to our bedroom.

I decided on a theme for our new room. I more or less decided on a “feeling” for our room. I wanted it to seem like it’s own retreat from the rest of our house. Our house is decorated with a rustic cottagey type feel to it and I wanted to go in a different direction with our bedroom. I am a strong believer that a master bedroom doesn’t have to match the rest of the house. The theme I was aiming for was a relaxing, spa-like feel. I wanted it to have that same crisp, clean feel to it that a high end hotel would have.  Picture it with me, the crisp white sheets and well dressed bed, lots of pillows, the right amount of tasteful artwork, romantic lighting, soothing colors, the “makes you want to take a nap and lounge for awhile” feeling. You get where I’m going. 

I decided to do a soft grey paint on the walls and to do even softer grey vertical stripes on the wall behind the bed. We purchased our new bed from Joss and Main. It took me some time to decide on nightstands. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted them to match one another or not. Once I decided they needed to match, then I knew that I didn’t want the lamps to match. They just needed to be the same height. I took the following pictures at night, so bear with me. The lighting isn’t great. 

 The nightstands are from World Market. They are solid wood covered in embossed metal. They are probably my favorite pieces in the room. They’re just perfect. Here’s a closer shot of them. 


I bought this chair at an estate auction for only $5 and my dear Uncle and Aunt reupholstered it for me. The fabric I picked served as my color palette for all my other accent pieces. There are two pillows on the bed made of the same fabric.  


Here are some other shots from around the room. The bedding looks somewhat purple in these pictures, but it’s not. It is a perfect slate grey color. I turned the overhead light off for some of these pictures just so it would show what it looked like at night when it’s time to relax. 

I picked this precious, little chair up from a yard sale for only $2. It was an old Pizza Hut chair! How cool is that?  


We’re super happy with how our room turned out! It’s cozy and relaxing. We think it’s even better than a nice hotel. 😉


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