Day 1

I promise to not write about every single day of our beach trip, but today was our first full day here and also the first time our boys have been to the beach since they have been walking.  Their actual first time at the ocean was last July when they were four months old, but obviously they weren’t really into it much since they were so young. Nathan and I were excited to get them out into the sand and water and see how they would react.

We woke up early this morning around 7:00.  This was not by choice, but right now we just get up when the boys decide it’s time. We dressed the boys in their new swim attire and headed out to the beach around 10:00. They both seemed to take right to playing in the sand. It didn’t phase them at all… All. That. Sand. Everywhere. In their hands, hair, clothes, and pretty quickly it was in their mouths. They played in it and loved it. Of course this meant that Daddy and Mama were covered in sand too.  At one point we decided that we hadn’t had this much sand on us in years, probably since we were kids.  


The boys never made their way down to the water by themselves, so we ended up taking them down with us to give it a try. This was not as much of a success story as the sand was. Maxton tolerated the water, and Maverick cried every time the little bits of a wave would come up and brush over his feet. We kept trying to convince them that it was fun. They didn’t care. So we snapped a few pictures and returned them to their sand.  


That last picture is obviously a candid shot. I thought it represented that moment well. I was trying to encourage Nathan to keep trying for a better shot of the boys, he thought we should be done with picture time, Maxton was interested in only watching the waves crash, and Maverick was crying because he had recently decided he doesn’t like the water. It’s these moments that make life interesting! 

After our morning filled with fun and lots of chasing the boys all over the beach we headed back in for some lunch, but first we had to rinse off. This next picture is too cute to not share. Sorry if it offends anyone.  


These kids are just too much. The cuteness is truly unbearable at times. Anyways…

After lunch and a short nap we headed back out again and had lots of fun taking a long walk with the boys in their wagon.  And of course, we had some more fun playing in the sand too!


The biggest adventure of the day proved to be shower time.  When the boys were literally covered in sand, I’m talking their entire faces were gray from all the sand, we finally decided it was time to go in and clean up.  We headed in and I had the brilliant idea to use the outdoor shower. This idea turned out to be not so brilliant after all. I gathered all of our shower goods from upstairs and brought it all down. We stripped the boys down and carried them to this outdoor shower that we knew was under the house in the patio area, but we hadn’t actually seen it yet. We opened the door and found that besides actually having running water coming from a shower head, it really didn’t have much more going for it. The shower itself had no natural light. It was entirely boxed into this small crevice under the house. There was one small naked light bulb with a pull string that is there to help out with the lack of any natural light. That’s a great idea, but upon pulling the string we discovered the bulb was burnt out. Great. Here we are dirty, and now frustrated, with two naked and extremely sandy kids. At this point, the other two showers upstairs are being used by family members. We have no choice now but to use the rusty, dirty, dark shower. 

Our only option is to leave the door open to allow us to have some light. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but the door just so happened to open directly to the view of our neighbors who were outside swimming in their pool. So our options are 1) to strip down and shower while our neighbors would probably watch or 2) wash the boys in the shower while we are fully dressed all while knowing that we will then have to wait in our sopping wet clothes to use another shower once one becomes available. We opted for option 2. The scene was as entertaining as you can imagine. Nathan held Maverick first while I washed him and rinsed him. Maxton was trying to escape the entire time. Nathan held his left leg up to block the entrance to the shower throughout the entire process so that the child who was not being washed couldn’t escape. Shutting the door would have been a much easier alternative, but then our light source would be gone. Maxton moved to trying to eat/investigate all of the other showering items I brought down. First the baby wash, then the face wash, then my razor. You name it. The kid could reach it. They are getting too tall for me to keep much from them. We finally were done with Maverick and switched our efforts to Maxton. Eventually we were done and everyone was clean. Well, except for us. We had to wait in our dripping wet clothes awhile for an available shower upstairs. But no big deal, we’ve dealt with much worse! Haha!


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