The Sun, the Sand, and the Ocean

Today we leave for the beach. As I am typing this, we are just headed out of our driveway. We have been anticipating this trip for weeks! We are going to our favorite beach with my grandparents, my parents and siblings, and all of my little family. We are staying at a private home right on the ocean. Perfection. 

But before we can enjoy all the bliss the coast has to offer, we must embark on the journey of packing and loading all of our stuff and our kids. This is not an easy task. I tend to be extremely optimistic when it comes to mentally preparing for these endeavors. My sweet husband tends to be much more realistic.  

We were planning on leaving around lunchtime today. Plenty of time, I thought. I got up this morning around 7:30 and went to some yard sales. (I’m old, I know. But I love yard sales/flea markets/auctions.)  Anyways, I arrived back home around 10:30. I came in the door and my sweet babies greeted me immediately. Everybody wanted to nurse. They usually only nurse at night now, but when I have been gone (usually only on Saturday mornings after yard sales or on Tuesdays after work) they tend to be quite aggressive about the fact that they need a little “mama time”. And I don’t mind at all! I love being able to provide that comfort and nourishment for them. After they were satisfied with that they moved on to play for a short time. I started folding some laundry and Nathan comes by me seeming very frazzled and says, “What can I do? I need to do something? I feel like there’s so much to be done, and I don’t know where to start.” I chuckled a little bit and handed over the folding laundry job to him. I finished packing the bags with our clothes and zipped them up. By this point the boys have started fussing. Not crying or screaming, just unsettled and not happy for long amounts of time. I began to pick up the pace. At this point, it’s nearing their nap time and when that happens, all chaos breaks loose until they fall asleep. 

They’re right on my heels as I move into the bathroom to pack up our toiletries. As I undo the child lock on the cabinets to retrieve our items, they suddenly become giddy because they realize this cabinet that they’re not allowed in is suddenly open for business. They both come at me, like a mighty army. I began pulling them out of the cabinet one at a time. Which really doesn’t work well. By the time I get the first baby out, the second baby is in and this vicious cycle continues on until I swoop them both up at one time and rush back to the cabinet to close and lock it.  This is one of those challenges that a mother of a singleton would never understand. They team up on me and I’m always outnumbered! But I savor every moment of it. 

At this time, everyone becomes ready for lunch. I load everyone into their high chairs while Nathan starts loading the car. On the menu for lunch today was spinach and cheese ravioli. I dish it out onto their trays and they begin eating. As soon as they were finished eating, I could tell they were tired. I start asking Nathan if we’re almost ready to go. “Only a few more things”, he assures me. It’s now nearly 12:45. From this point on both Maverick and Maxton begin following me around crying and clinging to my legs. This makes walking very difficult. So I carry one of them and hold the other one’s hand as we walk around making sure we have everything we need for our blissful week at the ocean. 

We got everyone loaded up and headed out. We got to the mailbox and realized we left our directions inside. We turned around. We couldn’t find our directions. Typical. So we headed out again without directions and decided to wing it. I think we’ll remember how to get there. But, I’m always optimistic! So here we are, driving down the road headed to the beach without directions.  Wish us luck! 



3 thoughts on “The Sun, the Sand, and the Ocean

  1. Great job, Megan! The Lord has blessed you tremendously, and it will be so much fun hearing you tell about your “perfectly imperfect life.”😊

    Love you so much!


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