As I dive into the world of blogging…

As I sit here late at night writing this post I’m asking myself, “Why are you doing this?” and “Is this really more important than catching a few good hours of sweet sleep?”. While I don’t exactly know if this is the wiser choice over getting some sleep, (you see, our twins still aren’t champion sleepers) I’m excited about starting my blog! I have been contemplating starting one for nearly a year, but have always had the excuse in my mind that I was too busy. Which, really, wasn’t entirely inaccurate. This past year has been the busiest and at times most tiresome of my life. But, I’m excited about this! I plan to use this blog to be the catch all for all the things that I love. It will contain aspects of my daily life and the things I love the most, which would most certainly consist of my best friend/hubby and my two sweet little boys. I plan to write about my journey through motherhood, being a “mostly” stay at home mom and wife, as well as including posts about home decor/design/decorating/and diy. I LOVE to do home decorating projects and my husband and I are avid DIYers so I can’t wait to do some posts about some of our projects. Anyways, I’ll talk to ya soon.  I have got to get some sleep now… So, goodnight! image


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